Tobias Weis (Dipl. Inf.)

Fon: +49 176 - 800 950 26
Im Mellsig 12
60433 Frankfurt
Welcome to Codalibre

We offer a dynamic young team consisting of specialists of several areas of expertise. This enables us to deliver a unique, interdisciplinary service which creates technology-spanning integrated solutions, specific to your companys needs.

Our expertise is spread wide, and nearly every process can be speed up oder made more comfortable with the right techniques. Ask how we can help you!

After comprehensive planning and analysis we develop software and hardware solutions specific to your needs and requirements, or expand your existing soft- and hardware and advise you on the process of buying or developing such.

Innovative Ideas
We extend our skills every day to ensure the sustainability of your company. Our main area is the development of custom fitted soft- and hardware solutions.
One of our latest products
Logo SecurilockRFID based access system
  • Time management
  • Access control
  • Web interface
  • Mobile App connection

We analyse your workflow and computer systems on site for economic and technical aspects and develop concepts for improvements. With reorganisation, restructuring or employment of modern technology we enable you to optimize your workflows to be better and faster. We will attend to you not only through planning, but implementation, integration and optimization of your new system, too.

Some of our latest projects:

  • RFID based access control system with time management and web interface
  • Camera- and sensorbased object surveillance
  • Distributed information systems with wireless connectivity and custom input interfaces
  • Planning, design and implementation of the website of BFNT Frankfurt